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Thirty years ago, the total world rhino population was around 70,000. Today, the figure stands at around 18,000. This website of ‘Save the Rhino’, a leading non-profit rhino organisation in Europe highlights their work and the need to act quickly and effectively to save the rhino.

The organisation aims to ensure the survival of the rhinoceros species in the wild and works in close consultation with rhino conservationists in Africa and Asia, attempting to bridge the gap between experts in the field desperately in need of funds and people who are able to help.

The foundation also provides grants for rhino field projects. The site also has rhino facts, information on the white, black, Indian, Javan and Sumatran rhinoceros species, conservation techniques and the threats including habitat loss and poaching. Subscribe to RhiNEWS, Save the Rhino International’s on-line ezine, or find out about rhino conservation projects and research. Also check out the latest local and international news and events and get updates on their projects. 

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