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This site is a godsend for lovers of the deep sea. The site represents a partnership between New Zealand-based photographer and marine biologist Peter Batson and UK-based Keane Design and focusses on deep sea and oceanic life.

Amazing pictures of rare sea creatures from the depths of the Pacific ocean around New Zealand are complemented by a sleek and well-structured site design. You could spend hours browsing the online image library, with hundreds of photographs in 16 different sections, from scenics to octopii and squid and benthic invertebrates. All species have been neatly identified with a one line descriptor. The site, and especially the images, bring home the fact that we know so little about the depths of the ocean, inhabited by strange looking creatures perfectly suited to life at low temperatures, with little or no light and at immense pressures. The site hosts an impressive image gallery, and images can be ordered online or via email.

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