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Set up to give a voice to the Bhotiya people of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, this site has a host of information on the history of the latest situation in the area. The scene of vigorous protests from locals affected by the closure of the reserve to tourism in 1982, a low-impact tourism model is now being initiated community participation.

The local villages have a history of forest conservation, playing a key role in the Chipko movement, which celebrated its 30th anniversary on March 26, 2003. The regulated tourism plan drawn up b the park management envisions balancing conservation, economic development and sustainable tourism practices, with 500 visitors permitted per year, while maintaining exclusive management rights for local rights for local villagers. The effects on the ecosystem will be monitored and future plans will be drawn up accordingly. Events in Nanda Devi will be closely watched, with the hope this model will provide answers to the vexing question of balancing community needs and conservation derivatives.

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