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Created by the Centre for Applied Biodiversity Science at CI, it gives a region-wise distribution of hotspots in 25 biologically-rich areas around the world, including biodiversity threats and conservation responses.

Hotspots are regions that harbour a great diversity of endemic species and have also been significantly impacted and altered by human activities. In-depth information on each hotspot including a map, threatened species and related links, bibliography and glossary are also provided.

According to a report released by Conservation International (CI) and the World Conservation Union, nearly 45 per cent of the most endangered primates are native to Asia. Of the 25 most endangered, 11 are found in Asia, eight in Africa and three each in Madagascar and the Neotropics (Central and South America). Read the latest international conservation news and the hottest of the hotspots on this interesting website, which is among the top five sites selected by the Scientific American in the Earth and Environment Category.

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