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This website is a must for anyone who wants to know more about the tiger. Even beginners will find it extremely easy to find information here. The site enables access to vital, contemporary data about tigers and their habitats.

The creators say that the website "was created to provide the public a scientific and conservation forum, with an interactive forum for exchanging information relevant to the preservation of wild tigers across Asia and in zoos world-wide."

The homepage has a clear general preview of the contents to facilitate easy access of information. All About Tigers covers the different tiger subspecies, their population figures and distribution, basic tiger facts like physical characteristics, ecology and behaviour, tigers in zoos, news stories in media, videos, book reviews, etc. It lists an excellent bibliography and provides you with a multimedia kit.Cub 'n' Kids is crammed full of tiger basics and facts, fun and games.

This is a light and interesting medium that serves as a good introduction to nature for children. To keep kids at the site longer, there are online games in Tiger Adventures. Here you can track the tiger trade, follow tigers on the loose and so on. 'Edutainment' is the catchword that seeks to draw children into the world of conservation. Tigers in Trouble gives you an overview of the threats to the tiger and its habitat and provides you with an opportunity to help at the individual level.

For serious tiger watchers the site is rich with details of conservation organisations, links and information on their activities, meetings, conferences held in different parts of the world, abstracts of papers and so on. Research Centre provides details on different species of tigers, work being done and species survival plan reports.

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