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April 2010: The website of the Biomimicry Institute, AskNature is an informative and comprehensive website aimed at “connecting innovative minds with life’s best ideas, and in the process, inspiring technologies that create conditions conducive to life.”


Their site provides a “starter culture of ideas” from biological blueprints and strategies to bio-inspired products and design sketches and even introduces users to biomimics they can connect with. The site speaks straight to its readers and uses simple language to demystify what is perceived as a complicated topic in their ‘What is Biomimicry page’. A site tutorial will show users how to navigate through the massive amounts of information stored on the website and a ‘Contribute’ page outlines how individuals can be part of the project. This is a good initiative based on the intrinsic knowledge that Nature knows best and will hopefully see many people tuning in to this chain of thought. 


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