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April 2010: Within days of the first Aircel ‘Save Our Tigers’ advertisement, people who earlier wrote off conservation as a luxury were paying attention to the crisis facing India’s big cats. The tagline ‘spread the roar’ quickly found its way into the blogosphere, the tweetverse and every social network available, drawing hundreds to their website www.saveourtigers.org.


Aircel is now poised to shift gears from "awareness" to "action" and hopes to turn over a quarter of a million registered  users into an action-oriented constituency for tigers. Sanctuary readers are encouraged to log on, register and be a part of the battle to protect India's wild havens. The website provides an introduction to tiger conservation and currently offers simple ways for people to become tiger defenders. With the help of experienced tiger experts, it is now preparing to become a platform for effective conservation action. The Aircel initiative is a welcome relief for tigers and tiger supporters who despaired that the big slide would take the species down in quick order.


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Ameet Dhapulkar

March 4, 2011, 09:48 PM
 Good initiative from www.saveourtigers.com Regards, Ameet... www.ameet.in