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August 2010: The first thing you notice when you log on to 'The Truth About Tigers' website is the pertinent question they have placed upfront, “If we cannot save our national animal, what can we save?”


An accompaniment to the film, The Truth About Tigers by renowned wildlife filmmaker Shekar Dattatri, the website seeks to answer some basic questions about tiger conservation – why it is important, what is going wrong and what can be done while also giving information on tiger behaviour and ecology. A particularly well-done section is the analysis of the tiger crisis that introduces a novice to a plethora of issues plaguing our national animal. A useful section called Tiger Trivia raises the issue of man-animal conflict and the site is filled with delightful snippets of information. It recommends several excellent books and films that can be watched to increase one’s awareness and understanding of wildlife conservation. Overall, it is the presentation of the content – simple language, bulleted points and well-structured material – as well as the design with its impactful headers and useful drop-down menus, that makes this site stand out. The FAQ section supports this and a handy Blog section updates users on what the filmmakers are doing to spread their message. The Defend section is motivating and most importantly relevant and do-able – its 10 actions to save the tiger can be done by anyone and everyone. Both the film and this website are a must see.


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