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August 2011:The website for the South Asian Network on Dams, Rivers and People (SANDRP) - https://www.sandrp.in/ - is clear and concise. It's simple and easy-to-navigate design allows visitors to quickly access information about the network and its various activities.

The site has informative papers and research documents covering various topics related to water issues in South Asia including irrigation systems, agriculture, river linking and natural disasters like floods. The section on hydropower is particularly detailed and offers a holistic perspective of the issue. The 'Related Links' section allows you to visit SANDRP's partners' websites as well as other government and non-government sites that provide information on water issues. The 'Publications' section is up to date with their latest research papers and their 'What's New' section has a wealth of maps of India's river systems as well as the various power projects on the rivers. The website is ideal for anyone interested in gaining an  in-depth look into the water situation in India and the impact of dams on the environment and local communities.


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