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December 2011: A useful site with extensive information on a variety of scientific topics, LiveScience is a well laid out, attractive website featuring a host of interesting articles. The homepage is cleanly divided into various sections with multiple links to each and some pleasant images.


Social network feeds plug user generated content into the site as well as links to find the site on different forums. The subheads are to the point: animals, strange science, images, etc. and this adds to the simple appeal of the website. Images are used to garnish articles, which is great because they lighten the otherwise heavy topics and the site’s clean white background is a welcome break from other garish websites. From technology to extinction, this site caters to the experts as well as the lay person. According to the website, the site is manned by “experienced science reporters, editors and video producers who explore the latest discoveries and offer deep analyses of topics that affect peoples' lives in meaningful ways.”


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