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BNHS Revives The Sálim Ali Bird Count

BNHS Revives The Sálim Ali Bird Count

It’s time to awaken the bird watcher in you
Participate in the Sálim Ali Bird Count organized by BNHS

Mumbai: 10th November: To commemorate the birth anniversary (12th November) of the ‘Bird Man of India’, late Dr Sálim Ali (1896-1987), BNHS-India announces the revival of the Sálim Ali Bird Count across India. The date for this year’s Bird Count has been finalized for 15th November 2015 and will continue every year on the Sunday following 12th November. It is a one day event with no barriers for participation, the only criteria being one’s interest in birds.

What: Nationwide bird count

When: 15th November 2015

How: (1) Go for bird watching for at least 15 min (preferably longer);
(2) Make a separate list (with counts of birds) for each location covered;
(3) Upload your list(s) to eBird India.

Who: Anyone with an interest in birds! This is a great opportunity to introduce your family and friends to the wonderful world of birds.
Contact for further details: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 09004924731 / 09022186744

Bird watchers are invited to participate in this event by observing birds wherever they like and wherever it is possible for at least 15 minutes, and preferably for over an hour. Complete lists of all species spotted (ideally with counts of individuals) can then be submitted on the eBirds website (www.ebird.org/india) from where BNHS will download, analyze and circulate the findings. One can visit multiple locations during the day, but it is imperative to maintain and upload separate bird list (and count) for each location.

The event presents a good opportunity for birders to visit the Important Bird Areas (IBAs), as well as protected areas or community conserved wilderness areas around them. The Sálim Ali Bird Count can become a means for monitoring the status of birds and their habitats if one visits the same location every year. Bird conservation and natural history groups could also use this occasion to organize other events to popularize bird watching among the general public.

BNHS invites anyone and everyone interested in birds to participate in this unique Bird Count, which aims to actively involve the community in conservation. Media reports and photographs on the same can be sent directly to BNHS. The bird lists, however, should be uploaded on the eBird website itself. If you are new to eBirds, please check https://ebird.org/content/india/getting-started/

A compiled report of the Bird Count will be released by BNHS soon after the event. The Sálim Ali Bird Count is organized by BNHS in partnership with Bird Count India, a collective of many organizations and groups across the country working towards documenting and monitoring birds.


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