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Turtle Festival 2010 At Velas From March 10-28, 2010

Turtle Festival 2010 At Velas From March 10-28, 2010

Sahyadri Nisarg Mitra, Chiplun  is organising Turtle Festival from March 10-28, 2010 at Velas, Taluka Mandangad, District Ratnagiri in coordination with the Kasav Mitra Mandal, Velas, Gram Panchayat, Velas and the Forest Department.


The hatchlings are heading towards sea from the shore now a days. There is a possibility of emergence of the hatchlings from sandy nests on these festival days i.e. 10th to 28th March 2010 to watch them moving towards sea and with this point of view these 19 days are set for Turtle Festival. One can visit  at Velas to participate in the Festival at his/her convenient. But referring the dates on which the hatchlings could be viewed on our website – www.snmcpn.org. There will be every possibility of emergence of hatchlings all these day.


We shall keep declaring the emergence of hatchlings / relevant information daily twice on our   website – www.snmcpn.org and blog – https://snmcpn.blogspot.com which can be referred. Once hatchlings start emerging from nest, it will be emerged on 2 consequent days while you can observe them. You may contact any person listed on our aforesaid blog to ensure your arrival, period of stay, number of accompanying persons etc.. Please be present at the sea-shore at 7 o'clock in the morning and 6 o'clock in the evening. You may find there our volunteers releasing the hatchlings (if emerged) into the sea, from whom any additional information can be had.   


Please make it convenient to visit Marine Turtle Knowledge Information Centre as well as Marine Turtle Research, Conservation Centre to get more information. Kindly donate generously, purchase various items and leave in time for return journey.


The native place of the great diplomat the late Nana Phadanvis and his monument  which the famed Velas, the prosporous nature at Harihareshwar, Kelshi, the creek and Himmatgad of Bankot, the tomb of wife of British officer Aurther at the fort can also be visited during the festival days. You can carry your vehicles through the ferry boats plying across the Bankot creek while traveling to Harihareshwar from Bankot Vesvi.


The homely arrangements of dwelling and boarding for the tourists arriving for the festival will be made at Rs. 225/- per head per day. A simple collective homely stay (no, separate rooms), simple vegetarian lunch and dinner, breakfast once, and tea thrice a day are included this accommodation. No, facility of mattresses, but Satranji's (Carpets) will be available.   


Kindly contact the following person for more information.


1) Mr. Kamalakar Bendke – 9226725050

2) Mr. Uday Pandit – 9423047700

3) Office – 02355-253030


Kasav Mitra Mandal, Velas


1) Mr. Prakash Joshi          – 02350-220570

2) Mr. Milind Nijasure        – 02350-220629

3) Mr. Santosh Joshi         – 02350-220511

4) Smt. Bagkar                 – 02350-220682

5) Mr. Mohan Upadhye     – 02350-220304

6) Mr. Avinash Yadav       – 02350-220545

7) Mr. Sandeep Kutumbe  – 02350-220633


Timings of ST buses from Mumbai , Pune & Dapoli is as follows:

Pune – Velas  9.30 am. from Pimpari,           Reaches Velas at 5.30 evening
Velas – Pune  6.45 am. From Velas,             Reaches Swargate at 13.30
Mumbai – Velas 12.30 noon from Mumbai     Reaches Velas at 20.00
Velas –  Mumbai 6.30 am. From Velas,         Reaches Mumbai at 12.30 noon
Mumbai – elas 00.30 am. from Mumbai        Reaches Velas at 6.30 am
Velas –  Mumbai 9.00 am. From Velas,        Reaches Mumbai at 15.00
Ratnagiri – Velas 16.15 from Ratnagiri,        Reaches Velas at 22.30
Velas – Ratnagiri 05.00 am. from Velas,       Reaches Ratnagiri at 11.00 am.
Dapoli – Velas  14.50 from Dapoli,              Reaches Velas at 17.30
Velas – Dapoli 07.30 am from Velas,           Reaches Dapoli at 10.30 am 


ST  Timings:


Mandangad – Velas leaves Mandangad at  8.10 hrs, 10.10 hrs, 14.30hrs.

reaches Velas at  9.15 hrs, 11.30 hrs, 15.30 hrs.

Velas – Mandangad leaves Velas at  9.30 hrs, 11.45 hrs, 16.15 hrs.

reaches Mandangad  at 10.30 hrs, 12.55 hrs, 17.15 hrs.


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