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Know The King Cobra Day Program On May 22, 2011

Know The King Cobra Day Program On May 22, 2011

KNOW THY KING THE TARGET SPECIES –  King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) Known as the longest venomous snake in the world, the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is a flagship species of the Western Ghats of India. Growing up to an average of 14 ft in Goa’s forests King Cobras are distributed in wet deciduous, riparian and evergreen forest types. The King feeds on other snakes and also is one of the only snakes that build its nest for laying and hatching its eggs.


THE PROGRAM – We will embark on a 12 hour journey through some of Goa’s best King Cobra habitats, meet snake rescuers who have rescued Kings and interact with field researchers and Forest staff whose field work on these majestic snakes has helped document baseline data in the state of Goa.


Although uncommon throughout its range, we will attempt a survey for preferred habitat of this snake and learn and understand about its charismatic behavior. This journey will take us through some of Goa’s exquisite herp rich forest eco systems and help us understand the unique habitats that this majestic snake favors.


THE ACTIVITY – The Day Trip will include discussions with field experts and king cobra rescuers, a field trip in a potential King cobra habitat, opportunistic searches and in situ photography of lesser-known Herpetofauna of a high altitude Western Ghats Plateau.


Field identification of other Herpetofauna, photography tips and discussion of natural history will also be a part of the program.


Participants will also get to use field equipment, learn basic observation skills and work alongside qualified herpetologists in the field.




•    12 hours packed information and first hand accounts on the King Cobra.
•    An occasion to contribute in data compilation and work with field herpetologists and researchers.
•    An opportunity to understand and learn the science behind reptile conservation.
•    Loads of possibilities to photograph Herpetofauna in some of Goa’s prime forests.
•      A Know thy King Kit containing King Cobra facts and biology compiled from the latest research papers and information available.




1.    Fast drying earth colored field clothes.
2.    Good walking shoes fit for any terrain.
3.    Rainwear (Raincoats or Ponchos).
4.    Field Note Pad and Pen/pencil.
5.    Personal medical kit if any.
6.    Back pack for field.
7.    Water bottle for Field.
8.     Personal identification papers.
9.     Camera.


DATES: 22nd MAY 2011 (7.00 am departure from Panjim)
FEES: Rs. 1200  per participant including transport, food, usage of equipment, resource person fees and entry fees in Protected areas. Camera fees will have to be borne by participants themselves.



AGE GROUP: 15 years to 55 years.


1.    This is an Educative trip and not a picnic. So please be sure that participants will have to maintain discipline and follow rules laid by team leaders.
2.    We will not handle any King Cobra whether in captivity or the wild.
3.    The trip commences at 7.00am from Panjim and will end at 7.00pm at Panjim itself.
4.    Alcohol consumption will not be allowed during the entire period of the trip.


Nirmal U Kulkarni
BFA (A.A), MSc (E.E.)
6 Hiru Naik Bldg, Dhuler,
Mapusa, Goa- 403507, India.   https://goawildwatch.blogspot.com
www.swapnagandha.comhttps://bit.ly/fXl20c  for THE GOAN JUNGLE BOOK.


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