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7th CMS Vatavaran

7th CMS Vatavaran

December 3-8, 2012: CMS Vatavaran announces its 7th wildlife and environment film festival and calls for entries for the year 2012 from filmmakers from around the country. Themes concerning everything from sustainable urban planning to show casing the wilderness of the country.

Event details

Dates: December 3-8, 2012

Venue: Kolkata

Related info: https://www.cmsvatavaran.org/#

About the event

The 2012 CMS Vatavaran film festival has a central theme of biodiversity. The organisers of the festival explain: “We chose this theme because public perception on biodiversity is quite vague. We have a hazy understanding of the multiplicity of species on Earth, little sense of how this diversity gives stability to life and provides ecosystem services to villagers as well as those living in cities. The situation in India is, indeed, ironic: this country was among the first in the world to have a Biodiversity Act in 2002. So focus must fall on why a country like ours faces alarming biodiversity loss. The impact is, sometimes, shocking to see. But to go beyond, we want discussion on possible solutions to ensure that the ecosystems of the planet continue to sustain human well-being in the future. “


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