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BNHS In Malaysia

May 28-June 5, 2013: WILD BORNEO, MALAYSIA: Borneo Island is also known as the Land of the Hornbills; the Borneo rainforest is the oldest in the world and is the only place in the world to see the Endangered Borneo Orangutan.

Credit:Sudhir SapreMalaysia is a “Megadiversity Country”, harboring an estimated 20% of the world’s animal species. Malaysia is also well known for its endemism. Places of Visit: Bako National Park, Gunung Gading National Park, and Mulu National Park. Bako National Park: One of the oldest in Malaysia, this national park is home to the Endangered Proboscis Monkey, Near Threatened Silvered Leaf-Monkey and the Crab-eating Macaque. it is also home to several species of carnivorous Pitcher Plants. Gunung Gading National Park: The Gunung Gading National Park features a complex of mountains rising into several peaks, with numerous waterfalls tumbling down in series in the upper reaches of Lundu River, creating an idyllic jungle setting in the cool shade of the rainforest. This national park is famous for the world’s largest single flower, Rafflesia, a parasitic plant only found in Southeast Asia. Mulu National Park: Mulu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that encompasses cave formations and is flanked by limestone outcrops with virgin tropical forest on the lower slopes giving way to montane vegetation in the upper region. In the mountainous equatorial rainforest of Borneo, eight species of Hornbill are found, including Near Threatened Rhinoceros Hornbill as well as White-crowned and Helmeted Hornbill. The Deer Caves are home to an enormous colony of Wrinkle-lipped Bat, which almost every evening exit the cave in search of food in spectacular waves.

Credit:Sudhir SapreDates: May 28-June 5, 2013.

Camp Charges: Rs. 1, 30,000/- for members, and Rs. 1, 30,600/- for others (including seven flight and Visa charges).

Registration: Contact on 91-22-22871202, 22821811 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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