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Butterfly Workshop At BNHS

Here is a unique opportunity to learn about these flying jewels and how to photograph them in a two-day workshop at BNHS conducted by Mr Isaac Kehimkar, the renowned butterfly expert and author of “The Book of Indian Butterflies”.

Balipara Foundation Awards 2014

The fragmentation of wildlife habitats resulting in the disappearance of wildlife corridors that connect these habitats is widely acknowledged as a major roadblock to biodiversity conservation.  The second edition of the Balipara Foundation Awards seeks to bring this critical issue to the forefront by throwing light on inspiring conservation stories and serving as a platform for like-minded people to raise awareness…

Asian Elephants In The Wild: A Dialogue

The human population stands at seven billion, increasing by 65 per cent over the last 100 years.

The Asian elephant population stands at approximately thirty thousand, decreasing by 90 per cent over the last 100 years.

Sanctuary TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards 2014

India’s premier wildlife magazine, Sanctuary Asia, and the nature tourism action charity, TOFTigers, have combined to bring together the Sanctuary TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards 2014. Nominate yourself or your favourite park, lodge, naturalist or wildlife and community project – and get ready to be judged.

Sanctuary Monsoon Nature Trail At Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanctuary Asia would like to invite subscribers and their families for a nature trail led by the Sanctuary team in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) on Sunday, September 7, 2014. We will spend a couple of hours in the forest, which will be at its most vibrant during the monsoon season.

BNHS Kitchen Gardening Workshop

Kitchen gardening has been an integral part of Indian culture since ages. In urban India, this connect with nature has been lost due to time and space constraints. In an era of fruits and vegetables laden with pesticides, Kitchen Gardening can come in as a handy solution, with lots of fun attached.

BNHS Listings – Green Wars Book Launch

Launch of the book “Green Wars – Dispatches from a Vanishing World” @ BNHS: This book authored by Bahar Dutt discusses the threats faced by India’s myriad and rich biodiversity, in the quest for development.

Book Reading Event: “Scent Of A Game” By Raghav Chandra

August 14, 2014, Thursday: Book Reading event: “Scent of A Game” by Raghav Chandra: BNHS is hosting an interesting book reading event of “Scent of A Game” by the author himself – Shri Raghav Chandra - Additional Secretary and Financial Adviser (various departments), Government of India.

I Am The Tiger: A Play On Tiger Conservation By Shivani Wazir Pasrich

Tiger numbers have fallen steadily each year since 1990. India now has fewer than 1,800 tigers alive in the wild.

India is losing the tiger, and with it, the natural abundance the nation needs to survive. Many experts agree that the tiger can still be saved. In fact, many believe that within ten years, tiger numbers in India could climb as high as 10,000. The question is this: why not save the tiger, if to do…