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Friends & Allies

The Leave Me Alone campaign, initiated by Sanctuary Asia and Save the Tiger, has been placed in the public domain for any credible organisation to use to further their own mission. Contact us to support and be a part of this powerful and purposeful network.

Tiger Defenders' Organisations

  • Satpuda Foundation Logo
  • Wildlife First Logo
  • The Conservation Action Trust Logo
  • Green Guards Nature Organisation Logo
  • Wildlife Conservation and Development Centre Logo
  • Environment Conservation Group Logo
  • Crusade for Revival of Environment and Wildlife Logo

Indian Organisations

  • Wildlife Trust of India Logo
  • Wildlife Protection Society Of India Logo
  • Wildlife Conservation Trust Logo
  • The Corbett Foundation Logo

International Organisations

  • Environmental Investigation Agency Logo
  • 350.org
  • Panthera Logo
  • Mutts Comics

Digital Partner

  • Paper Plane Solutions

Friends & Allies

Friends & Allies

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