A Future Without Coal: In New Mexico Supreme Court, Again

A Future Without Coal: In New Mexico Supreme Court, Again

July 25, 2011: It’s time we secure a future without coal in New Mexico, across America, and around the world. It won’t be easy. Along the way, we will need a lot of help, creativity and inspiration.

While we draw strength from each other, our movement to end coal and save our planet from climate change also honors the millions of people viciously poisoned and ruthlessly exploited by the relentless, destructive impact of coal. From infants and children to adults and our beloved elders, the litany of coal’s negative effects is brutal and it’s growing.

Coal mining, coal transportation and coal-fired electricity generation are widely recognized to increase rates of asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, neurological damage in children and infant mortality. The more we learn, the worse it gets. Everyday, tons upon tons of CO2, ozone, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxides, particulate matter and mercury—all from coal, exact a staggering price in blood and sorrow.

Of course, these terrible health threats from toxic pollution are not the whole sad story. Coal is also a primary driver of human–made climate change—the defining global environmental challenge of our age. The production cycle of coal is a cycle of death. Coal threatens our loved ones, our friends and our planet—all of us.

Despite the grave threat climate change poses to the planet and the future of human civilization, 2010 saw the highest recorded emissions of greenhouse gases in history—thirty billion tons of energy–related carbon pollution. By the way, thirty billion tons equals sixty trillion pounds. Half of this pollution came from coal.

Obviously, global climate change is an enormous and complex problem. Scientists are still just beginning to understand the impacts on health, biodiversity, economies and food supply. We’ve been trying to address climate change for at least thirty years, yet carbon pollution continues to increase. No doubt, it’s easy to get discouraged and be confused about what to do.

Remember, change starts with one person, one act. Our struggle to end coal is built one person at a time, but the power of one becomes the power of many. Creating a future based on democratic and equitable principles is within our reach. Read the full report here.

Source: by Mariel Nanasi, Climate Story Tellers.


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