Home Conservation Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2015

Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2015

First Prize: Thomas Rajan

Jungle Blur: With little more than a smattering of her rosettes in focus, a leopardess Panthera pardus fusca streaks down a tree in the twilight forests of Kabini, Nagarahole. So innately stealthy and swift was she, that Thomas Rajan had little more than a fraction of a second to make this image. The white blades of her whiskers contrast sharply against the blur of her furiously working limbs and seemingly spinning forest backdrop, epitomising the grace and speed of this most persecuted of wild cats. Tigers abound in Kabini’s embrace, but somehow it is the park’s charismatic leopards that have charmed hundreds of visitors through the years.

Location: Kabini, Karnataka Details: Camera: Nikon D4, Lens: Nikkor 600 mm. f/4, ISO 2500, Shutter speed: 1/30 sec., Aperture: f/4, Focal length: 600 mm., Flash: No 

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