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    Volume 39 | Issue 4 | April 2019

    On the Cover

    Based on the movement of the tigress Maya and her family the previous evening, early the next day we decided to camp near the Ainbodi waterhole. Around 8 o’clock, as the sun slowly warmed the forest, Maya emerged with her cubs as we hoped. Well-fed and happy, the cubs played and frolicked for close to an hour! It was pure magic. When the first family of Tadoba plays, time stops! The legendary mother is now raising her third litter, and as we sat patiently filled with that inner glow that tigers seem so easily to trigger, her cubs gamboled about. Play is an intrinsic part of learning for tigers and this moment, I shall surely take to my grave!


    Mihir Mahajan

Cover Story

Tribal Tigers: How A Shamanic Community Has Saved Tigers In The Dibang Valley Of Arunachal Pradesh

It was March 2012. I was in the Lower Dibang Valley district of Arunachal Pradesh conducting surveys for a renowned conservation organisation to determine tiger presence outside Protected Areas of Northeast India.


Rushikulya – Where The Olive Future Begins

An awestruck Arghya Adhikary takes us along his dramatic journey to Rushikulya, Odisha, where he witnessed one of the most amazing mysteries unfold – the mass nesting and hatching of the olive Ridley turtles.


Otters In Tiger Country

The Wildlife Conservation Trust’s discovery of Eurasian otters in central India underlines the importance of conserving large landscapes in the name of umbrella species.


Love In A Time Of Unrest

I love Dachigam winters. Over the past three decades I have visited this Kashmir forest multiple times, in every season. This image of a magnificent male hangul deer Cervus elaphus hanglu with his harem, taken by a fine young Kashmiri photographer, Intesar Suhail, brings back such poignant memories.

Scaly Tales

Giri’s Bronzeback Tree Snake

Rahul Alvares describes the Giri’s bronzeback snake and explains why it has been classified as a separate species.

Talkin' Tigers

In The Garden

Jennifer Scarlott on all of the ways that the beauty of the world we live in makes itself seen and heard, touched and smelled, in the smallest, most ordinary and often fleeting moments.

Did You Know?

Elephant Beetles

Elephant beetles are one of the largest-known group of beetles on Earth!