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Neglected And Unprotected

In the shadow of India’s famous tiger reserves are a host of wildlife sanctuaries, conservation reserves, reserve forests, wetlands and grasslands that are home to bountiful biodiversity. Unfortunately, too many of these habitats, critical to wildlife in their own right, are quietly and insidiously being degraded or encroached.

A Problem Upriver

Marine mammal researcher and conservationist, Mihir Sule outlines the massive, collaborative effort that saw a dolphin, stranded in the Amba river, reunited with its pod at sea.

Out Of The Blue

A moving account of two marine mammal researchers’ experience with a young blue whale stranded in shallow waters near Alibaug, Maharashtra.

In The Face Of Sixth Mass Extinction

Soon a millennium will end. With it will pass four billion years of evolutionary exuberance. Yes, some species will survive, particularly the smaller, tenacious ones living in places far too dry and cold for us to farm or graze. Yet we must face the fact that the Cenozoic, the Age of Mammals which has been in retreat since the catastrophic extinctions of the late Pleistocene is over, and that the Anthropozoic or…

Do Species Matter?

An Earth Day rumination on that most central of questions, one which conservation communities must perhaps ask themselves afresh.

The Indian Elephant Elephas Maximus

By M. Krishnan

Resolution on the Asian Elephant


Conservation of Indian Elephant Ecosystems

Concerned at the continuing destruction of elephant (Elephas maximus) habitat in India due to ever-increasing human pressure;

Ranthambhore’s Ustad Saga

The attack and killing of a forest guard in Ranthambhore, Rajasthan, by a tiger identified as T24, and the cat’s subsequent incarceration has created a national uproar on social media. The Sanctuary Asia editorial team, with help from Chandra Rampuria, auditor, passionate wildlife photographer, and a part of our vibrant conservation network, attempted to condense the over 3,000 Facebook…

Vanishing Wood – An EIA Investigation

It is not just wild fauna and their body parts that feature large on the target list of illegal wildlife traders. Illegal timber trading has long been rampant and logging of forests for high-value hardwood trees such as rosewoods and balau have had devastating impacts in the form of diminishing forest covers and degrading ecology of the logged regions.

The Starving Elephants Of Udawalawe

In March 2015, documentary filmmaker Keya Vaswani sent Sanctuary Asia a series of images clicked by her friend Andrew Bembridge in Sri Lanka’s Udawalawe National Park.  The subject of the photographs was a herd of starving wild elephants.

Guns, Birds And Narikuravas

Is it fair to criminalise local tribal people for hunting to feed their families? Can we afford to lose our rapidly declining biodiversity? The author, who is the Youth Action Co-Ordinator with the Trust for Environment Monitoring and Action Initiating (EMAI), suggests that greater sensitivity and transparency on the part of wildlife law enforcement officials, and a multi-disciplinary approach that takes into consideration…

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