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Scavenger With A Killer Instinct

In two separate yet strangely similar situations, a killer was caught red-handed with photographic evidence of the ‘crime’. Better known as a scavenger that performs a vital service in keeping India’s forests and towns free from rotting carcasses, the golden jackal Canis aureus is also quite an accomplished hunter. Most records speak of this solitary canid as a stalker of rodents or poultry. But Indraneel…

Lost Laurels – The Story Of A Tree, A Forest And The Wildlife They Support

What was once traditional and sustainable has turned into an ecological threat to the bhabar tracts of the Himalayan foothills of western Uttarakhand, write Dr. A.J T. Johnsingh and Dr. Bivash Pandav.

Bear Necessities

A group of researchers throw light on one of the Indian jungles’ least understood creatures – the sloth bear. Their observations ratify the simple premise that if we are able to guarantee wild species space, isolation and protection, they are likely to flourish with little or no human help.

The Amboli Toads – Facing Climate-Triggered Extinction?

Dr. Varad B. Giri, Nikhil Gaitonde and Nayan Khanolkar teamed up to provide Sanctuary Asia with a timely report on the precarious status of the Amboli toad at the hands of a changing climate.

Bhagajang – A High-Altitude Wetland In Tawang

Sandhya Sekar writes about a serene, high-altitude wetland in Arunachal Pradesh, where she met with field biologists working to protect this Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot.

The Magic Of Mangalajodi

Tucked away in the northeastern fringe of Orissa’s Chilika Lake, Mangalajodi is well known to the best birders in India. Visitors accustomed to focusing on tiger tourism are discovering the joys of birdwatching in one of the most exquisite natural landscapes in India, suggests Panchami Manoo Ukil.

The Hunting-Leopards Of Saranda

The trail of the cheetah in India has been obscured by the sands of time. Raza Kazmi painstakingly dug up fresh references on the existence of cheetahs in the Saranda region and presents his conclusions here, which are in line with the long-held belief that wild cheetahs did exist in India for eons. This view is, of course, at variance with the thesis presented by Valmik Thapar et. al. in their book,…

Kakoijana – Home Of The Golden Langurs

Debahutee Roy writes about a conservation initiative for endangered golden langurs, involving a triumvirate of local communities, forest officials and NGOs working against all odds to protect a fragmented forest called Kakoijana, in Assam.

Empty Sea Syndrome

Overfishing and unsustainable practices are causing fish to disappear from the world’s oceans at unprecedented rates. Pooja Rathod and Tiasa Adhya interact with fishermen in Malvan along the Maharashtra coast to learn about the impact of trawlers and the exploitation of dwindling marine resources.

The Nawabs Of Garo Hills

Yaranajit Deka and Nimesh Ved inform Sanctuary Asia readers how butterfly-watching, with help from the local community, is helping to create livelihoods and protect Meghalaya’s Balpakram-Baghmara landscape.

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