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Beddome’s Cat Snake

Rahul Alvares encounters a Beddome’s cat snake while out ‘herping’ in Ambolim. Or at least that’s what he thinks it is! And he is completely fine not knowing at the cost of distressing the snake.

Sea Turtles

Rahul Alvares is amazed by how sea turtles have successfully survived for at least a 100 million years, outliving dinosaurs which perished about 65 million years ago.

The Bull Frog

The calls of bull frogs when they breed mark the arrival of the monsoon in India. During the breeding season, male bull frogs change their colour from dull olive-green to bright yellow and sport bright blue twin vocal sacs.

The Common Tree Frog

Found throughout most of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, as well as western and southeastern Bangladesh, the common tree frog’s skin secretions of mucus and lipids help reduce loss of moisture and keep it slimy.

The Malabar Hills Frog

Brownish to bright red, the colourful fungoid frog or the Malabar Hills frog is found not only on the forest floor, but also close to human habitation, says Rahul Alvares.

The Whitaker Boa

A non-poisonous snake, the Whitaker boa is found in the coastal parts of the southern Western Ghats and is named after the famous herpetologist Romulus Whitaker.

The Bamboo Pit Viper

The soaking wet weather did not stop Rahul Alvares’ German client Frank from searching for snakes in Amboli.

The Green Keelback

In all my snake rescues, not once did I come across the green keelback. This gentle reptile remained elusive until a friend found one!

Trail Of The King Cobra

The king cobra is a rare and highly venomous snake. Rahul Alvares, however, is keen to get the perfect shot of the elusive reptile with his camera.

The Banded Rock Gecko

When I’m out on a walk looking for critters to photograph, I’m always on the lookout for rocks to upturn. Rocks and stones hide all kinds of interesting animals underneath them. Depending on the area you’re searching in, you could find anything from tiny insects to a big snake under one of them!

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