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The Forsten’s Cat Snake

The Forsten’s cat snake is a giant among cat snakes. At a whopping 91 inches (231 cm.) maximum recorded length, it is the largest of all the cat snakes in India! Rahul Alvares describes his meetings with this remarkable reptile.

The Ornate Narrow-Mouthed Frog

January 2013: The Socorro Plateau in North Goa is one of my favourite spots for watching wildlife. In the dry season, I conduct birding trips here all the time. If you visit between 7 and 8.30 a.m. in the morning, you can spot over 20 species of forest birds. Late evening is an excellent time to sight the Savanna Nightjar and the Jerdon’s Nightjar.

The Montane Trinket Snake

November 2012: There are certain species of snakes I simply never find. As a snake rescuer working only in coastal Goa, I have encountered about 12 odd species in people’s homes. For anything besides the 12 species, I rely on my friends (the ones who rescue snakes, of course!).

The Flying Lizard

September 2012: Rahul Alvares, a wildlife consultant and snake rescuer based in Goa, is thrilled when he spots a flying lizard in the Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary!

The Forest Calotes

July 2012: Rahul Alvares loves the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. It is always full of surprises! He had a wonderful trip there and talks to you about his experiences with the forest calotes.

The Mugger

May 2012: Rahul Alvares has spent many enjoyable hours at the Madras Crocodile Bank interacting with some of nature’s most fearsome creatures. He tells you about his experiences.

The Hump-Nosed Pit Viper

March 2012: Rahul Alvares is thrilled when his friend Vicky calls him up with exciting news. He has a hump-nosed pit viper! Rahul tells you all about this fascinating snake.

The Common Indian Toad

January 2012: Rahul Alvares’ indifference to the common Indian toad changed when he visited the Andamans and observed it closely.

The Large-Scaled Shieldtail

September 2011: Rahul Alvares is delighted at the chance to see a large-scaled shiedtail munch on its favourite meal, an earthworm and is sure you’re going to find them very interesting too.

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