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Young Tom Of Tanzania

I want to share with you the true story of Young Tom of Tanzania, a magnificent male lion living in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), famous for its volcanoes and the ancient Olduvai Gorge. This is a story of survival.

Of Pumas and Panthers

An American cougar takes an epic journey, and a Parisian panther paces behind bars. When will we make room on earth for the big cats, Jen Scarlott wonders?

The Search For Silence

Do you ever have much of a chance in your busy lives, at school and with your families and friends, to think about… silence? Do you ever notice or long for silence? Just a few weeks ago, I heard an interview on national public radio here in New York City (a noisy place!), with a scientist named Gordon Hempton, who calls himself an “acoustic ecologist.”

Songbird Secrets

Jennifer Scarlott, a New York based nature-lover, and Director, International Conservation Initiatives, Sanctuary Asia shares her every day wildlife experiences with her readers, highlighting the many lessons that one can learn from wildlife, while still having fun!You can contact her at jscarlott@optonline.net

Nantucket Island

Do you have a secret place you love to go? Jennifer Scarlott has one. Its a tiny island called Nantucket and she wants to share her little haven with you.

A Fruitful Life

Jennifer Scarlott has been keeping a close eye on India’s tiger reserves. She takes you on a quick journey through some of them to understand what’s going wrong and what needs to be done.

When Darkness Falls

Jennifer Scarlott goes for a night walk with her daughter Julia. She is amazed at how the world is transformed once darkness falls. Will you accompany her on her journey?

Bugs Are Welcome!

Most people go “Ew!” when they spot a bug in their homes and quickly run to fetch a can of bug spray. Jennifer Scarlott however, has welcomed the little stink bugs who visited her home. She tells you all about them!

George Of The Jungle!

Jennifer Scarlott tells you about Sanctuary Lifetime Service Award winner 2011, Dr. George Schaller. Did you know that he conducted the first ever scientific study of tigers in India? Or that he lived with wild gorillas for one whole year? Read about the amazing experiences he has had!

Trees Are Nice!

Jennifer Scarlott has just read some wonderful stories about trees. After realising just how special these silent giants are, she wants to share her learnings with you. She is sure you will start to love trees as much as she does!

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