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Aishwarya Sridhar

Aishwarya SridharAishwarya Sridhar is only 15 years old – one of the youngest ever Sanctuary awardees. But her age belies her wisdom. She is already a powerful voice for conservation and a shining example to children her age.

Tengbat Sangma

Tengbat SangmaAt 25, Tengbat Sangma is a young naturalist with an abiding interest in amphibians. A field ecologist, this Garo lad from Theobonggre village in the West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya can rattle off the names of countless frog species of his state with consummate ease.

Praveen Pardeshi

Praveen PardeshiPraveen Pardeshi is convinced that the interests of Maharashtra and India will best be served if all sectors of society, government and non-government, work together to restore the fabled natural wealth of this magnificent state.

Rajendra And Pournima Kerkar

Rajendra and Pournima KerkarTheir children are their life, and they believe that the lives of their children is living nature. This is why this dedicated husband and wife team have chosen to spend their entire existence protecting the forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, coasts and wildlife in the tri-junction of Goa,...

Mahesh Kumar Jiwrajka

Mahesh Kumar JiwrajkaMahesh Kumar Jiwrajka has probably been more directly responsible for saving wildife habitats in India than virtually any other individual in the past few years.

Tana Tapi And Takum Nabum

Tana TapiTana Tapi, Divisional Forest Officer, Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh is just such a man. He and his team work in near impenetrable forests against all odds to protect a vital park and its wildlife.

Bibha Sonowal, Pallabita Bora, Swarnalata Bhuyan And Anita Das

Bibha Sonowal, Pallabita Bora, Swarnalata Bhuyan and Anita DasBibha Sonowal, Pallabita Bora, Swarnalata Bhuyan and Anita Das are courageous women forest guards of Kaziranga. Theirs is the very first team of female wildlife defenders in the park, they have been patrolling this world famous rhino and tiger forest for a year now.

Ajjinanda Thamoo Poovaiah

Ajjinanda Thamoo PoovaiahAjjinanda Thamoo Poovaiah is a wildlife protector, businessman, activist and conservationist. Unable to stomach the devastation that unchecked tree felling was having on the Kodagu district of Karnataka, Poovaiah put together a network of local residents to fight against the all-powerful...

Dr. Ganesh Vankhede

Dr. Ganesh VankhedeHe has been a protector of wildernesses for over three decades. As head of the post-graduate department of Zoology at the S.G.B Amravati University, he has critiqued several falsified Environment Impact Analysis, or EIA Reports by academicians paid to provide a justification for the...

Arthi Venkatesham, Bhumani Venkatesham And Damsam Mallaiah

Arthi Venkatesham, Bhumani Venkatesham and Damsam MallaiahThey are living proof that change is possible. Among our nation's most celebrated tribal communities, the Chenchus were once hunter gatherers. Instead of being lured by the all-powerful wildlife trade, these young men, more visionary than most of their urban counterparts, chose to join forces...

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