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Vivek Deshpande And The Indian Express, Nagpur

Vivek DeshpandeDeshpande has spent the last decade defending wildlife the best way he knows how "using his pen”. His in-depth articles have covered human-animal conflict, the illegal antler trade, the timber mafia and the occasional misdemeanors of Forest Department officials gone wrong.

Dr. Parvish Pandya And Sudhakar Solomon Raj

Dr. Parvish PandyaDr. Parvish Pandya and Professor Sudhakar Solomon Raj have equipped their students with the knowledge they need to care for and defend nature.

Zeeshan Mirza

Zeeshan MirzaNaturalist, reptile enthusiast, spider and scorpion expert and researcher, at 22 years, Zeeshan Mirza has probably gathered as much natural history field experience as someone twice his age. He also meticulously documents his findings and has over 20 published papers under his belt already.

Sooraj Bishnoi

Sooraj BishnoiSooraj began his wildlife journey at the ripe old age of six years when his parents took him to the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary at Bharatpur. His interest was further sparked because his school Lilavati Podar in Santa Cruz was one among the 650 that had registered with Kids for Tigers, the...

Monsoon Jyoti Gogoi

Monsoon Jyoti GogoiMonsoon Jyoti Gogoi's passion is butterflies. His youth belies the fire in his belly for all things natural. He has spent the past five years recording and photographing over 500 butterfly species in Upper Assam, including some rare and endangered species that no naturalists had ever ...

Brijendra Singh

Brijendra SinghBrijendra Singh is an extraordinary man by any measure. One of India’s leading elephant experts, his name is synonymous with the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Prabir Kumar Palei

Prabir Kumar PaleiHe has arrested over 100 people in a lifetime devoted to the protection of the tiger and has been attacked, ambushed and routinely threatened for his pains.

Nahari Pandurang Bagrao

Narhari Pandurang BagraoNarhari Bagarao represents the rock foundation upon which all the ambitious wildlife and biodiversity initiatives of conservationists, administrators, scientists and nature lovers are built.

Paresh Chandrakant Porab

Paresh Chandrakant PorabParesh Chandrakant Porab, Goa Forest Department, conducts raids on poachers, protects turtle nesting sites, and surveys forest lands to identify them for their potential as future sanctuaries and national parks.

Drs. Divya Mudappa And T.R. Shankar Raman

Drs. Divya Mudappa and T.R. Shankar RamanThey have studied hornbills, small carnivores and bird communities in the Western Ghats and have documented the destruction wreaked by human agriculture on thin forest soils.