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Mike Pandey

Mike PandeyFor dedicating his life to the protection of wild nature through the use of cinematography and for his courage and determination in producing films – with or without sponsorships – that have influenced policy and saved endangered species.

Prosper S. Marak

Prosper S. MarakProsper is remarkably young and despite not being formally trained, his knowledge and passion for India’s wildlife has won him the reputation of a giant-killer with many hard-fought conservation battles under his belt.

Aamod Zambre

Aamod ZambreAamod Zambre has worked in one of the most exciting places on the planet – Arunachal Pradesh’s Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary. Here conservation biologists first recorded the existence of the subspecies of a snake Protobothrops jerdonii xanthomelas and a scorpion, Euscorpiops bhutanensis.

Vishal Jayant Bhave

Vishal Jayant BhaveVishal Jayant Bhave, just 23 years old, has managed to discover as many as 80 new Opisthobranch that were previously unknown in India. He lives to study and protect the sea and was born and brought up in Ratnagiri, a small coastal town in Maharashtra.

Vijay Pinjarkar And Times of India, Nagpur

Vijay PinjarkarWeek after week for the past three years, Vijay Pinjarkar, Special Correspondent with the Times of India, has investigated scores of environmental stories, in the process unearthing dark and hidden secrets that many powerful people would have preferred to kill.

Dr. Marselin R. Almeida And Dr. (Mrs.) Sarah. M. Almeida

Dr. Marselin R. Almeida and Dr. (Mrs.) Sarah M. AlmeidaFor four decades and more this remarkable husband and wife team have meticulously documented, studied and taught botany. Many of their students are now renowned botanists in their own right and this, according to this husband and wife team, is their greatest reward.

Fateh Singh Rathore

Fateh Singh RathoreAn iconic figure, he is widely credited with having fathered one of the world’s best known tiger reserves – Ranthambhore. This involved the painstaking restoration of a forest that had been overrun by humans.

Dr. Y.V. Jhala And Qamar Qureshi

Dr. Y.V. Jhala and Qamar QureshiFor evaluating the status of tigers, their habitat and prey in India.Dr. Y.V. Jhala’s credentials are impeccable. A doctorate from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, U.S.A. in Wildlife Science, a stint at the Wildlife Conservation and Management Training Programme of ...

Ranthambhore-Sariska Tiger Relocation Team, Rajasthan For The Delicate And Very Difficult Task Of Relocating Tigers From Ranthambhore To Sariska

Sariska Forest DepartmentSomewhere between July and November 2004, the last tiger in Sariska was killed. Three years and seven months later, an ambitious reintroduction project was implemented and two tigers from Ranthambhore were translocated back into Sariska.

Vishwas (Bhau) Dattatray Katdare

Vishwas (Bhau) Dattatray KatdareVishwas (Bhau) Katdare protects species that most Indians have never even heard of, let alone seen. In the quiet of his Konkan homeland in Maharashtra, he fights to keep a population of Indian Swiftlets safe from the international trade that profits from edible-nest-soup buyers.

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