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A.T. Poovaiah

A.T. PoovaiahAjjikutira Thammaiah Poovaiah joined the Karnataka Forest Department as a Forester in 1985. Having worked with the legendary K.M. Chinnappa in the Nagarahole National Park his anti-poaching skills have been specially honed and he understands the vital importance of foot patrols.

Sevaram Malli Parihar

Sevaram Malli PariharHe may have dropped out of school in the eighth grade but his perseverance and spirit have made him a hero in the truest sense. Demoiselle Cranes visit Kheechan in Phallodi in the western Indian state of Rajasthan every year during October-November after a long and arduous migration from...

Bahar Dutt And CNN-IBN

Bahar DuttBahar Dutt, Environment Editor, CNN-IBN uses the camera the way a forest guard or officer might use a gun. She is an effective defender of wild India who has transformed environmental journalism from an obtuse segment on the daily news to an independent and vital component of mainstream...

Haseena And Tajunnisa

Haseena and TajunnisaIn their 20s, both Haseena and Tajunnisa are part of the BNHS’ Project Clam Marine Protected Area training programme. Concerned that the islanders would face a bleak future if their ecological heritage was ruined, both girls became key community facilitators who undertook the challenge of...

Santosh Lalji Yadav

Santosh Lalji Yadav All of 22 years old, Santosh Yadav is one of Mumbai’s recognised naturalists who not only studies, but protects the fragile habitats that dot the landscape of this megapolis.

Chain Roop Dayma

Chain Roop DaymaChain Roop Dayma, or Guruji as he is known to his students, teaches at the government-run Teriwal Upper Primary School in Chhapar, Rajasthan. Here, close to the famous Tal Chhapar Sanctuary, on the fringes of the Thar Desert, this inspirational teacher welds students into a potent force for...

Dr. Ullas Karanth

Dr. Ullas KaranthUllas Karanth is a quiet, determined, effective defender of the wilds. He is also unarguably one of the world’s finest wildlife biologists.

Ritwick Dutta

Ritwick DuttaIn the last few decades, one of the shining beacons for India’s beleaguered forests and wildlife has been the Supreme Court of India. That is because lawyers such as Ritwick Dutta have had grit to challenge some of the most powerful people in the country.

Sasi Kumar T.

Sasi Kumar T.Driven and courageous Forest Rangers like Sasi Kumar are our best hope in the fight against the ruthless illegal wildlife trade, which is taking a terrible toll on India’s tigers. He works in Wynaad, Kerala where he engages poachers on the ground.

The Mahouts Of Bandhavgarh, Led By Head Mahout, E.A. Kuttappan

E.A. KuttappanThe front line staff of wildlife reserves – daily wagers, guards - rangers – are seldom credited for helping protect the forests and wildlife they defend every day of their lives. Most live and die in anonymity. Mahouts, or elephant handlers, are even more invisible.

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