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The Sundarbans Protection Team

Sundarbans Protection Team, West BengalThe largest delta in the world, the Sundarbans is a hostile land and patrolling it is a Herculean task. But the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve Protection Team, led by their Field Director Pradeep Vyas, has displayed creativity, determination and courage and has brought uncompromising dedication to...

Nitin Padmakar Desai

Nitin Padmakar Desai, DelhiOne of India’s least known, but most effective field-based conservationists, Nitin Desai is Director, Central India with the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI). His association with wildlife issues began in 1987 as a volunteer for WWF’s nature camps.

Nishikant Vasudeo Kale And Prakash Muralidhar Laddha

Nishikant Vasudeo Kale and Prakash Muralidhar Laddha, MaharashtraThey work as a team, and their mission is to create a veritable army of young Indians who grow up to respect the Earth. They use the tiger as a symbol for the protection of all wild plants and animals, with the Melghat Tiger Reserve and the Satpura region as their living canvas.

Bajrang Bishnoi

Bajrang Bishnoi, RajasthanIf this is the face of tomorrow, India has a great green future. He is one of the principal members of a flying squad of Bishnois who are prepared to chase, capture and restrain anyone who dares to poach animals in the vicinity of their villages in Rajasthan.

Hakabhai Makawana

Hakabhai Makawana, GujaratYoung people are understandably attracted to tigers, lions, elephants and rhinos. Hakabhai’s life is governed by less charismatic creatures – vultures.

Sameer I. Kehimkar

Sameer I. Kehimkar, MaharashtraHe is a snake rescuer who is fast becoming recognised as a crack herpetologist. Sameer Kehimkar is 23 years old and is happiest in the company of the kind of creepy-crawlies that other young persons shun.

Swati Thyagarajan

Swati Thyagarajan, NDTV, New DelhiNDTV is best known for the high standards it has set for television reporting in the arena of politics, business, sports and entertainment.

Dr. A.J.T. Johnsingh

Dr. A.J.T. JohnsinghHe has now retired after two decades spent with the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, an institution he helped shape. One of his key contributions to conservation is that he helped train many indivuduals who now oversee Protected Areas in India and neighbouring countries.

Chander Singh Negi (Jolly Uncle)

Chander Singh Negi (Jolly Uncle)Jolly Uncle’s are the proverbial shoulders on which researchers, forest officers and NGOs routinely stand, when doing their job. He is a friend of wild animals and part of the vital spirit of nature that we seek to protect.

Gir Rescue Team

Gir Rescue TeamThe Rescue Team of the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park works around the clock. The team comprises 20 frontline defenders of wildlife whose job it is to keep wandering lions, leopards and crocodiles away from humans.