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K. Manu

K. ManuAn engineer and a defender of birds, K. Manu moved to Kokkare Bellur in 1994 to help villagers protect a large pelican nesting site near their homes and fields. He is of the view that winning the cooperation of villagers wherever possible should be a key long-term strategy to protect wildlife.

Madhu Bhatnagar

Madhu BhatnagarAn artist in her own right, Madhu Bhatnagar believes a child’s mind is a canvas. As the Deputy Head of The Shri Ram School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, she had charted out an Environment Education Policy long before the Supreme Court so instructed.

Vishal Prabhakar Bansod

Vishal Prabhakar BansodToday, he accompanies their health activists to remote tribal villages whose trust he has won and whose cooperation he enlists in the battle to save the wildlife of Vidharbha. Wildlife defender and social worker, Vishal Bansod is active in 39 villages of the Melghat Tiger Reserve.

Bharat Vaghabhai Kamaliya

Bharat Vaghabhai KamaliyaAmong the thousands of students contacted was Bharat Kamaliya, who stood out because much after the Yatra ended, he continued to fight to change what he saw. With the aid of many friends, he has explained to fishermen just how endangered our marine creatures are.

Indian Express

Indian ExpressFor our newly-instituted Wind Under the Wings Award, we were in search of an Indian organisation that has supported an individual who has made a difference.

Belinda Wright

Belinda WrightShe is a dismantler of the illegal wildlife trade, a warm-hearted conservationist and a passionate champion of nature. Founder and Executive Director of the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI), this die-hard wildlifer was decorated with the Order of the British Empire in June 2003 by...

B.K. Sharma

B.K. SharmaB.K. Sharma is a police officer with an abiding love for wildlife. He has been a persistent investigator of wildlife crimes, following the trail of tiger skins and bones, shahtoosh, ivory and rhino horn in India and across our borders where he has worked with his counterparts in the Interpol...

Kirat Singh

Kirat Singh

Too young even to qualify for a Young Naturalist Award, Kirat has been singled out for a special award for his unbelievable drive and ability to work doggedly towards the objective of saving tigers when they were vanishing into thin air.

K.M. Chinnappa

K.M. ChinnappaName is synonymous with wildlife conservation in Karnataka. For over 30 years, he has worked to defend the forests and wildlife of the state. In the 1970s and 1980s, he confronted the poaching and timber mafia in the Nagarahole National Park and virtually eliminated poaching in the core of...

Manglu Baiga

Manglu BaigaThe fact that he knows Kanha and its topography like the back of his hand makes him crucial to the park's anti-poaching, fire fighting and monitoring efforts. It is doubtful that any living person knows more about this world famous tiger reserve than Manglu Baiga.