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G.V. Reddy

G.V. ReddyG.V. Reddy signifies what every forest officer in India should be. Courageous, committed, honest and totally dedicated, he has in three years been directly responsible for the recovery of Ranthambhore and its tigers.

C. Achalender Reddy

C.A. Achalender Reddy, IFSThe Director (Wildlife), Goa Forest Department, C. Achalender Reddy initiated surveys of Goan beaches that attract nesting marine turtles. In the process he discovered that Morjim beach was a particular favourite for nesting mothers. He therefore stepped up protection of the beach and started...

J.C. Daniel

J.C. DanielThe recipient of Sanctuary's Millennium Lifetime Service Award, naturalist and large-mammal J.C. Daniel has been part of the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) for decades.

Divakar Sharma

Divakar Sharma

An Ayurvedic traditional herbal medicine practitioner by profession, Divakar Sharma has spent much of the last 20 years of his life fighting the illegal wildlife trade. Responsible for exposing several wildlife trade networks, Sharma faces threats to his life on a daily basis.

Subrata Pal Chowdhury

Subrata Pal ChowdhuryTechnical Assistant in the West Bengal Wildlife Wing of the Forest Department, Subrata Pal Chowdhury is an expert in the art of the immobilisation and transport of wild animals. On call 24 hours a day throughout the state of West Bengal, he regularly answers SOS calls to help capture wild...

Bivash Pandav

Bivash PandavBivash Pandav started his work on sea turtles along the coast of Orissa in 1994. Working with the Wildlife Institute of India he soon established a long-term research and monitoring programme to gauge the health of turtle populations that come ashore to nest each year.

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