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S.E.H. Kazmi

With infinite courage and grace, Indian Forest Service officer S.E.H. Kazmi has spent a lifetime negotiating conservation imperatives in Palamau and Hazaribagh, among the country’s most beautiful but conflicted landscapes.

Lobsang Gyatso

Lobsang Gyatso aka ‘Anna’ Lama is best-known for his unflinching defence of Arunachal Pradesh’s natural heritage and his courageous opposition to the highly-destructive Nyamjang Chhu hydroelectric project.

Jigmet Takpa

As one of the pioneers of Project Snow Leopard and a multitude of other initiatives aimed at improving rural livelihoods, Indian Forest Service officer Jigmet Takpa has transformed local attitudes towards wildlife in Ladakh.

Tiasa Adhya

A wildlife biologist by training and a conservationist at heart, Tiasa Adhya’s persistent efforts to highlight the plight of the fishing cat and address problems of habitat destruction, conflict and retaliatory killings in West Bengal are truly commendable.

Bano Haralu

Bano Haralu’s exceptional conservation initiatives, most notably the protection of migrating Amur Falcons in her native state of Nagaland, have shaped one of the country’s most successful conservation projects in recent times.

Nazir Malik And Tahir Shawl

Champions of the exquisite wildlife of India’s northernmost state, Tahir Shawl and Nazir Malik’s steadfast commitment to the preservation and protection of Kashmir’s Dachigam National Park is second to none.

Ambika Khare And Devidutta Chaturvedi

Ambika Khare and Devidutta Chaturvedi have forwarded the cause of tiger conservation by molding generations of nature-lovers around the Panna Tiger Reserve.

Dhruv Prajapati

Dhruv Prajapati’s extraordinary commitment to arachnological research in India has won him the support of many a mentor, and enabled him to describe several new spiders from the country.

Akshay Khandekar

With a keen focus on the systematics of blind snakes, Akshay Khandekar’s sheer hard work has won him the respect of some of the country’s most distinguished herpetologists.

Vineeta Yadav

As a young woman naturalist, Vineeta Yadav has shredded existing stereotypes and empowered those around her through her work.

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