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Tejdeep Kaur Menon And The Telangana State Special Protection Force

With the support of the Telangana State Special Protection Force, Tejdeep Kaur Menon has spearheaded exceptional initiatives to protect urban waterbodies and related biodiversity, particularly avians and aquatic species.

Special Maharashtra Wildlife Awardees

An Indian Forest Service Officer of Maharashtra cadre, 1981 batch, Shree Bhagwan has worked with almost all the wings of the Forest Department across a career spanning more than 35 years. Having worked in Gadchiroli district for more than six years in the initial years of his service, and as...

Claude And Norma Alvares

Claude and Norma Alvares

The roaring personalities of husband-wife duo Claude and Norma Alvares epitomise the best of India’s seemingly shrinking intelligentsia.

Varad Giri

Varad GiriDr. Varad Giri is pushing the boundaries of science, and filling the cavernous gaps in our knowledge of India’s ‘less charismatic’ species. This enables us to formulate effective conservation strategies.

Nandini Velho

Nandini VelhoIt’s hard to keep pace with Nandini Velho, a trained field biologist whose prime purpose in life is to protect the biodiversity of the planet. At any given point of time, she could be in Arunachal’s Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, or Pakke Tiger Reserve, Goa, or Bengaluru.

Param Jit Singh

Param Jit SinghA geologist by training, Param Jit Singh is an anti-poaching mastermind, instrumental in a series of wildlife contraband seizures in Uttarakhand, including a crackdown on the late Sansar Chand in the early 90s.

Dr. Yash Veer Bhatnagar

Dr. Yash Veer Bhatnagar

Dr. Yash Veer Bhatnagar is a mountain man, most at home in the icy environs of Spiti and other high-altitude habitats that support such elusive and charismatic creatures as snow leopards, markhor, marmots and red foxes.

The Gir Lion Protection Team

The Gir Protection TeamThe extraordinary men and women who serve as foresters and forest guards of the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in Gujarat are the gatekeepers of one of India’s most successful conservation stories – the thriving well-being of the planet’s last population of Asiatic lions.

Anurag Kumar

Anurag KumarIn early spring, the sugarcane in the fields on the edge of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve stand a little less than two metres high. Near impenetrable, the sweet stalks dwarf the dozens of children who stream from Bansinagar village to a small clearing in these fields every evening.

Viral Joshi

Viral JoshiIndia has a huge asset in young Viral Joshi, who is destined to be one of India’s finest ornithologists. At first his resume reads rather commonplace – a Bachelors’ degree in psychology, a certificate in M.S. Office, and another in hardware and software networking.

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