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Chewang Motup Goba

Chewan Motup GobaIt’s difficult to slot Motup Goba. He grew up on the banks of the Nubra river, in the shadow of the subcontinent’s largest and most troubled glacier – Siachen. Imbued with the spirit of adventure, at 13 he climbed his first mountain and at 19, he badgered his family and friends for ...

Zeeshan Mirza And Rajesh Sanap

Zeeshan and RajeshZeeshan Mirza and Rajesh Sanap say tigers are just great, but they find creatures that creep, crawl and slither far more intriguing. Having rejected the trappings of city life in favour of exploring the hidden natural treasures of India’s far-flung forests, this young duo are at the very...

Isaac Kehimkar

Isaac KehimkarThe greatest teacher is the eternal student, and that perfectly describes Isaac Kehimkar, widely referred to as India’s ‘Butterfly Man’.

Nirmal Kulkarni

Nirmal KulkarniNirmal Kulkarni started out as a snake handler and nature photographer, but now dons multiple hats as the Director (Ecology) of the Wildernest Nature Resort, Chairman of the Mhadei Research Centre, Team Leader of the Hypnale Research Station, Senior Researcher at Madras Crocodile Trust and a...

Arjun Srivathsa

Arjun SrivathsaWith a Masters in Conservation Biology in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, science meets art meets heart in the work of Arjun Srivathsa. A school trip to the Bandipur National Park in December 2002 gave this young crusader his first taste of the wilds, and ignited a passion that led...

Vikas Madhav

Vikas MadhavVikas Madhav’s quest to unlock the mysteries of nature began when he was a toddler. An unquenchable curiosity for the natural world fired his young mind. Little creepy-crawlies attracted him at first, and then he was drawn towards the creatures of the ocean.

Keerthi Krutha

Keerthi KruthaEncouraged by a far-sighted family, she was a part and parcel of Kids for Tigers, the Sanctuary Tiger Programme and was selected to be a National Tiger Ambassador way back in 2004.

Women Of Maharashtra’s Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF), Gajendra Narawane And S.D. Shendre

Mayank MishraStanding shoulder to shoulder with their male comrades, the women of Maharashtra’s Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) have helped staunch the unbridled poaching attacks launched on tigers and other wild species across Maharashtra by the malevolent wildlife crime nexus.

Anne Wright

Anne WrightCourageous, determined and effective, this defender of our wilds laid the foundations of India’s wildlife movement five decades ago and has served as a field worker, administrator, lobbyist and activist all rolled into one.

Keshav Kumar

Keshav KumarPrincipled police officer, visionary and change maker Joint Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation, Mumbai, Keshav Kumar was the police officer in charge of investigating the poaching of 10 Asiatic lions in early 2007 at the Gir National Park in Gujarat.

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