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G.V. Reddy

G.V. Reddy

 G.V. Reddy on foot patrol in Ranthambhore. Photo Credit: Bittu Sahgal.

Month Year: April 2000

Sanctuary Millennium Wildlife Service Award

G.V. Reddy signifies what every forest officer in India should be. Courageous, committed, honest and totally dedicated, he has in three years been directly responsible for the recovery of Ranthambhore and its tigers.When most senior conservationists had given up on the future of Ranthambhore’s tigers, G.V. Reddy came in and showed the way. He took on the poaching gangs, redoubled efforts to protect tiger ranges, stopped illegal grazing and inspired his team by leading from the front.

First published in: Sanctuary Asia, Vol XX No. 2, April 2000.


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