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Paresh Chandrakant Porab

Paresh Chandrakant Porab

WILDLIFE SERVICE AWARD: Porab’s dedication and commitment to Goa’s wildlife saw the notification of the Mhadei and Netravali Wildlife Sanctuaries and the resurrection of the famed Carmbolim Lake. Under his guidance, groups of students patrol the nesting sites of turtles and have learned that protecting nature is key to their survival. Courtesy: Paresh Porab.

Month Year: December 2009

Wildlife Service Award

Paresh Chandrakant Porab, Goa Forest Department, conducts raids on poachers, protects turtle nesting sites, and surveys forest lands to identify them for their potential as future sanctuaries and national parks. He was key to the team that conducted the scientific surveys that resulted in the declaration of the incredible Mhadei and Netravali Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa.

His tryst with nature conservation began in 1987 when he joined the WWF-Goa Nature Club in 1989 and soon became known as one of Panjim’s prime snake rescuers. He was nominated an Honorary Wildlife Warden, but in 2001, he went back to school, studied at the State Forest Service College, Coimbatore and won a position as Range Forest Officer at the Cotigaon Wildlife Sanctuary. Always at the forefront of tough operations, he won a State Bravery Award for his courage during a particularly dangerous leopard rescue.

When one of Goa’s finest wetlands, the famous Carmbolim Lake, began to die at the hands of invasive weeds, he mobilised citizens, including children who helped clean up the lake. Their work resulted in a High Court order directing government agencies to protect the lake, which has since been promoted to the status of a Protected Area. He has also encouraged young persons to patrol nesting sites of sea turtles along the Goa coast and is currently fighting off politicians who want him to back away from a tiger-poaching case he is pushing in Keri.

First published in: Sanctuary Asia, Vol XXIX No. 6, December 2009.


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Bittu Sahgal

January 27, 2014, 04:25 PM
 I am proud to call Paresh Porob a friend. He, and foot-soldiers like him, are the reason I am able to find within me the strength to keep fighting against the dark forces to protect a world that powerful, but ignorant, leaders and economists are so determined to turn to instant cash.