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Krishna Narain “KN” – A Life Cut Short

Krishna NarainIn October 2006, we were trekking in the Hemis High Altitude National Park in the Trans-Himalaya. As we approached the Husing valley, KN enthusiastically told me that he sensed we would see the elusive snow leopard.

Bob Hunter, October 13, 1941 – May 2, 2005

Bob HunterBidisha Basu pays a tribute to Bob Hunter, journalist, author and founding member of Greenpeace and says he re-invented environmental activism.

Kekoo Naoroji - The Quiet Man

Kekoo Naoroji“It is a wry reflection on human nature that while we tend to remember those who force themselves onto our consciousness, we remember the quiet ones, their auras woven tightly around their persona, only when occasions move in particular directions. And Kekoo Naoroji, keen…

Robin Banerjee 1908 - 2003

Robin BanerjeeWorld renowned naturalist, photographer, film-maker and Padmashree awardee Robin Banerjee passed away on August 6, 2003, six days before his 95th birthday. His passing away perhaps marks the end of the most…

The Good Mr. Godrej

Mr. GodrejAn environmentalist, population crusader, committed citizen, gentleman and industrialist, the loss of S.P. Godrej represents the passage of an era.

Sanjoy Deb Roy (1934 - 1999) – A tribute by Valmik Thapar

Sanjoy Deb RoyIndian wildlife has lost its best protector. Forest officers all across India are mourning the death of one of their finest, S. Deb Roy. Deb Roy, or Dada as he was called, started his forest service in Assam in 1956 and served as the Director of…

Salim Ali – An appreciation by Bittu Sahgal

I loved the old man deeply.  As did so many others who were touched by Salim Ali's warmth, intellect and good humour over the years.  Yet I do not mourn his passing, I cannot.  He still lives inside me, continuing to inspire curiosity, tolerance and far-sightedness in much the same way he…

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