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How Can People Be So Heartless?

How Can People Be So Heartless?

I do not understand how people can treat animals with no respect, and even mistreat them, when we are animals as well. I have three cats and a dog (all of them either shelter animals or we found them on the street) and I know they have incredibly strong feelings, much to many people’s disbelief. I love animals because I have had pets all my life, and I love wildlife in general mainly because of all of my trips to India.


My first trip to India was when I was nine years old (I am fourteen now, almost fifteen). My mom works for and we are good friends with the man who runs the largest wildlife magazine in India, Sanctuary Asia. Sanctuary also has a companion magazine for young people, called Cub, which I have written for. Bittu Sahgal, the editor of Sanctuary, and his family (including his daughter Tara who is the editor of Cub) are wonderful people, and huge animal and nature lovers. Every time we visit (I have been to India five times now) we go to a wildlife sanctuary in India, always hoping to see the elusive tiger.


The tiger is literally on the brink of extinction, and I enjoy helping this cause any way I can. However, I have done some for animals in the US, but I would like to do more. The creator of the Mutts comics strip, Patrick McDonnell, is friends with my parents, and several years ago he asked me to write a column for the Mutts website. I have written several articles for it, including about my trips to India, but also about bear hunting in New Jersey, helping rescue animals from Hurricane Katrina find homes, and several other topics. I am interested in how domestic pets are treated, as well as fixing the horrible conditions for animals that are in the meat industry (I am a vegetarian of course).


As a member of the environmental club at my high school, I thought that being on the Youth Advisory board could give me a stronger voice on the issue of animals, and could give us the opportunity to partner up with the animal rights club at my school.


Most of the people that I am around like animals, and I am always startled when I see or meet someone who mistreats animals. It is a horrible way to live life, mistreating our fellow creatures on this planet.


By Julia Worcester

To know more about Julia, log on to the Human Society website


Julia is also a tiger activist. Read her views here.


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