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D.V. Girish

D.V. Girish

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

D.V. Girish

D.V. Girish is a naturalist and defender of wildlife. He has played a crucial role in safeguarding the Bhadra Tiger Reserve and its tigers. He is an adviser to the Wildlife Conservation Action Team of Chikmagalur, also called WildCat-C, an organisation that played a vital role in stopping mining in the Kudremukh National Park. The organisation is working closely with the Forest Department to tackle poaching in the region. They have been successful in halting ruthless mining and promoting community conservation reserves. Under their watch, the future of Chikmagalur’s forests looks extremely bright.

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Girish played an important role in the Bhadra voluntary resettlement project, which is regarded as one of the best resettlement projects in India. He has aided in the recovery of Bhadra’s fragile bamboo forest by fighting paper mills that extract bamboo. He received a certificate of appreciation in 1998 from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in New York. He also appeared in the documentary film Tigers Fighting Back with Dr. Ullas Karanth on the National Geographic Channel. Among several other honours, Girish was awarded the prestigious ‘Tiger Gold’ award in 2004 by the Conway Foundation. To learn more about D.V. Girish and the work being done by WildCat-C click here.

D.V. Girish

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Through WildCat-C, D.V. Girish is working on a variety of issues, including the formulation of a Greater Bhadra conservation management plan to focus on improving existing protection mechanisms, promotion of community conservation, and placement of larger areas under the Protected Area network. Unchecked tourism, a major problem in Bhadra, is a key focus as well – they will work to usher in wildlife-friendly ecotourism policies in coordination with local communities, who they feel must be the primary beneficiaries of such initiatives, which must also add to the conservation strengths of the Protected Area.

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Source: Sanctuary Asia.


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Jennifer Scarlott

August 15, 2013, 12:01 PM
 I wish I had met you, Mr. Girish, when you were in New York years ago to receive your award from WCS. What outstanding work you do. Thank you.
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