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Nagarahole National Park

Praveen Bharghav

Wildlife First works as a team. It is one of India’s most effective wildlife conservation organisations, which is making a physical difference to tigers on the ground. A conservation advocacy organisation, it is peopled by very dedicated individuals with a proven track record of defending tiger habitats over two decades in the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot in south India. Wildlife First is headed by K.M. Chinnappa, a decorated former forest officer whose lifetime efforts contributed significantly to the recovery of Nagarahole, now acknowledged to be one of India’s finest wildlife reserves. Wildlife First believes that the strictly protected wildlife reserves that occupy just three percent of India’s landscape are the best hope for conserving endangered species whose ecological needs are in conflict with the development demands of the urban rich and the livelihood requirements of local communities. The organisation pursues a win-win strategy to deflect commercial and development pressures away from wildlife reserves and equitably address the livelihood needs of people marooned inside through site-specific, incentive-driven voluntary resettlement solutions. Wildlife First was nominated to the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) through their Managing Trustee, Praveen Bhargav, who has also undertaken field appraisals of tiger reserves for India’s National Tiger Conservation Authority.

Your Tiger Defenders are making a difference

Wildlife First volunteers tirelessly campaigned against iron-ore mining in the heart of the Kudremukh National Park. This decade-old battle finally led to a landmark Supreme Court judgment on a petition filed by Widlife First. All mining activities were stopped in December 2005 and the mining lease area is now fully notified and is a part of the Park. It has also been working successfully on several long-term projects in Nagarhole-Bandipur, Bhadra, Bramhagiri, Tala-Cauvery and Pushpagiri Protected Areas. This is just one of scores of initiatives that have resulted in more secure tigers and larger landscapes for tigers. Read more about Wildlife First click here.

Praveen Bharghav

Help Your Tiger Defender

Wildlife First’s mission is driven by an all-volunteer team. They appreciate the support of, but do not accept cash donations from overseas. They do not accept funds from corporations involved in mining, or other forest-destruction activities. Their volunteers are professionals from other fields with diverse skills and years of conservation campaigning experience.  “What we really need is to be able to afford to pay volunteers to work for longer-duration assignments: lawyers, Right to Information (RTI) activists, translators, videographers, GIS experts who can help us in a big way,” says Praveen. For more information visit: https://www.wildlifefirst.info/contact.html

Source: Sanctuary Asia.  


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Anirudh Nair

August 20, 2013, 07:17 PM
 Praveen Bhargav, Managing Trustee of Wildlife First, was keen to ensure that the work of his organisation is given precedence over an individual's contribution. In his words, "Conservation is a team effort and not 'singles tennis'!" One hopes that the Leave Me Alone campaign encourages people to join this committed team of wildlife activists.
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Jennifer Scarlott

August 14, 2013, 02:58 PM
 What an extraordinary example of selfless volunteerism Wildlife First sets not just in India, but the world. From New York City, thank you for everything you do, and for your integrity in standing up to the mining industry.
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