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Mohammed Saleem

Mohammed Saleem

Silent Valley National Park

Mohammed Saleem

Mohammed Saleem has dedicated himself to the proposition that the tiger must be kept safe and alive in Kerala’s Silent Valley. As the President of the Environment Conservation Group (ECG), created in 2009 to protect the Silent Valley National Park and the verdant surrounds of Coimbatore, he and a core team (comprising Sasi, Stephen,  Srinivasan, Lakshminarayanan, Hasan, Velmurgan and Natraj), have found both meaning and purpose in the protection of this biodiversity vault, the site of one of India’s most historic battles against a dam that threatened Silent Valley.

Your Tiger Defender is making a difference

ECG monitors and surveys the Silent Valley National Park and has irrefutable proof that tigers are doing well here. Apart from the incredible diversity of birds and, the lion-tailed macaques and Malabar giant squirrels, the tiger too is helping to build public opinion against a rash of dam projects and other developments that threaten forests outside the confines of the national park. Apart from awareness programmes, they also work with the Forest Department to counter poaching and have been involved in the seizure and subsequent release of wild birds. While walking forest trails, they keep a sharp lookout for snares laid in the forests and have saved uncounted wild species thanks to the scores of traps they have removed. Read more about Saleem click here.

Mohammed Saleem

Help Your Tiger Defender

In Saleem words: “We train locals to help in our wildlife conservation efforts. Local informants help curb poachers.” Silent Valley is an icon of environmental awakening, a symbol of the power of public participation. Working to protect this fragile ecosystem from destruction from destructive developmental plans is a full-time task. Today, Silent Valley needs the unity displayed by the true heroes of Silent Valley such as Prof. M.K. Prasad, and others who helped protect it from dams. But new hydroelectric projects have now been mooted. To support the battle to save Silent Valley all over again contact us. ECG will coordinate with the selfless forest staff and the dedicated researchers who toil day and night to keep this ecosystem safe."

Contact: The Environment Conservation Group, 103, N.H. Road, Opp. Naaz Theatre, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641001; Mohammed Saleem: +91 97878 78910.

Source: Sanctuary Asia.


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