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November 17-23, 2012

Leopard by Bhargava Srivari

A cyclone gave the photographer company all through his journey from Hyderabad to Kabini, and even after reaching Kabini, the storm showed no signs of calming down. The first evening safari was uneventful for the major part – lots of birds, deer and other herbivores but no trace of cats. With just about 15 minutes to go in the safari, the driver spotted this elusive leopard resting in the canopy. He seemed to be comfortable and made no effort to hide himself. Of course, the unfortunate part was that the light was extremely low but then one wouldn't mind photographing leopards even in darkness. At the end of the day, it wasn't the real cyclone, but the leopard that took the group by storm!

Later discussions with a few friends in Kabini resulted in the photographer concluding that this leopard was actually a new male in the area and that theirs was the first ever sighting of him!

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