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Sundarbans Inheritance

Indian Hump Head Fish by Sumit Sen

The Indian hump head Kurtus indicus is a 12.6 cm. fish found in the Sundarbans. The males of the genus Kurtus, also known as nursery fishes or forehead brooders, carry their egg clusters on hooks protruding from the forehead (supraoccipital). In addition to the egg hook, the hump head’s gas bladder is enclosed in a tubular bony structure evolved from the ribs and the back is elevated into a hump shape. Only two species belong to this genus. The range of Kurtus indicus stretches from the Coromandel Coast of southeast India to China, Indonesia, Borneo and includes the Sundarbans area. Very rarely photographed, this is a male from the Kolkata fish market. The Sundarbans is a treasure house of biodiversity, with many fish and marine species awaiting discovery.
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