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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2013


SPECIAL MENTION: SAMIR SHEIKH – On a morning in Maharashtra’s Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, the photographer sat quietly observing all four juvenile members of the Girl Gang of Telia as they sat around under a tree on which a sloth bear had been cornered. The young tigers tried waiting it out but gave up after an hour or so. When they moved away and began patrolling their turf, amazingly, they had yet another sloth bear interaction, this time with a courting pair. The male sloth bear wisely left the scene instantly, but the female was not as lucky. She was soon overpowered by the cubs and met a gory end after more than 20 minutes of agony as the inexperienced cubs were unable to put her out of her misery with a quick throat bite. The rarity of this image won it a special mention.
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