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Revisited 1984 – Part 1

Tigers by M.Y. Ghorpade

The tiger cub was inexperienced in the art of making a swift kill. It was still in the process of learning and took some time to kill the deer. The tigress was watching but did not interfere or assist the cub. The tiger cub had tasted blood and was celebrating the event by playing with the carcass in an animated and childish manner. The tigress decided that it was time to take over from the cub. She picked up the fresh kill with great ease and elegance, and walked confidently across the dry river-bed, with the deer dangling from her firm experienced mouth. The other tiger had got into the shallow water pool and was watching the tigress come with eager anticipation. This was our chance of getting a unique photograph it all happened so fast that I had no time to change lenses. I had the 150mm lens but fortunately Ajay had the Hasselblad with the 250mm lens. He made no mistake. He clicked at the right moment when the tigress with the dangling deer and the other tiger were framed in a perfect setting. Location: Kanha National Park
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