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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2015

Second Prize: Shubham Kamlakar Alave

Anuran’s Pearl: Encased in its glass-like egg, the almost unnervingly developed froglet of an Amboli bush frog Pseudophilautus amboli hovers in nature-imposed quiescence. The glistening substrate to which the egg clings and the inky background are reminiscent of a lone planet in a vast universe. This breathtaking macro image exposes the fragile beauty of amphibians as never before. Upon discovering the egg in Amboli while leading a nature trail, Shubham Kamlakar Alave returned the next day to photograph it. His hand was steady, his timing impeccable, as just minutes later he was caught in a monsoon downpour. Potentially one that saw the birth of the froglet into our world.
Location: Amboli, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra Details: Camera: Canon 600D, Lens: Sigma 180 mm., ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/200 sec., Aperture: f/5, Focal length: 180 mm., Flash: Yes (external)

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