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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2015

Special Mention: Shashwat Jaiswal

Drop-in Neighbour: The beauty of macro images lie in their ability to open the viewers’ eyes to species seldom given a second thought. As an Indrella ampulla, a snail species endemic to the Western Ghats, descends a twig, a drop of mucus rolls off a gland near its mouth and slowly gathers weight. While the clear, viscous globule remains suspended, a fly moves in to feast. A stunning interaction, an adroit display of technical talent – Shashwat Jaiswal weaves magic.
Location: Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Coorg, Karnataka Details: Camera: Nikon, D3100, Lens: Nikkor 105 mm. f/2.8, ISO 400, Shutter speed: 1/160 sec., Aperture: f/11, Focal length: 105 mm., Flash: Yes

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