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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

Special Mention: Ripan Biswas

Open Category, Creatures Great and Small

Guide to the Galaxy: Macro-maniac Ripan Biswas’ eye for detail and extraordinary photography skills routinely leave us gobsmacked. Perched on a leaf overlooking a swamp bathed in the light from the Milky Way, a Theobald’s ranid frog seems to contemplate the cosmic complexities of the universe.  Attracted by the sweet chirping call of the frog, Biswas was compelled to enter the swamp near his home in West Bengal. Here, he silently approached his subject and then set-up his wide-angle macro lens on a tripod. Keeping the camera just above the water, he first focussed on the frog using a flash and then on the skies, adjusting the aperture as he went along. This swamp may not be included in the Protected Area network and this frog may be classified as Least Concern, but the ethereal mood and composition of this image make it an undeniable favourite.

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