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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

Special Mention: Santhosh Krishnamoorthy

Open Category, Creatures Great and Small

Sunbathers: In the midst of hectic Bengaluru city, creatures great and small find a moment of peace in the erstwhile royal botanical garden called Lalbagh. On a nippy November morning, Santhosh Krishnamoorthy made his way to the park’s lotus pond just as the sun began to dissipate the winter mists. As he looked out over the water, he observed first one, then two and ultimately four checkered keelbacks emerge from the depths and settle atop a single large lily pad. Their wet bodies gleaming in the sunlight, the four snakes enjoyed the warmth of the day, periodically striking at little fish as the sun kick-started their metabolism. Their seductively curving bodies and the glint of water and light make for a surrealy beautiful natural history image and moment.

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